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Online slots are the most beloved form of online casino game there is, and that love is shared by us too. Hence why our team of online slot experts founded this site so that players would have access to the information they need to make the most of their online slot gaming experience.

To do this we have compiled a whole list of different top online casinos that offer the best slot games, as well as all the most state of the art newly released games on the market. However, that is not all, as we will also provide you information about these games, how they work and why you should play them, by keeping you informed about their bonus features, RTPs and anything else you need to know. As well as this, we keep you in the loop with the latest news from the industry and regulations that you need to know in order to play safely and securely online.

While many of you who played at online casinos for a while might think you have all the knowledge you need about online slots, the fact of the matter is that it very unlikely. It takes a long of effort to stay up to date as the slot machine game industry is one that is always changing and developing and so to know what is going on, you need to keep your ear to the ground 24/7. This is exactly what our site does, so you don’t have to, thus saving you time, effort and money by doing this important groundwork for you. New players out will find out indispensable too as a way to build the knowledge and develop the skill set they need to thrive in the casino industry. With all this in one place, our service is something that every player needs, regardless of experience.

We have all this information at our disposal by working closely with online casino operators and slot game providers, we can guarantee you have everything you need to know. It is via these operators and attracting people to their sites that we make money. As such, we need to make sure everyone gets accurate information about slot games in order to do this successfully. That is why despite our close relationships with them, we always remain accurate and objective so you are always satisfied with our recommendations and the service they provide.

Another important aspect our site hopes to communicate to you is the importance of responsible gambling. We have set out a Responsible Gambling page to understand what it means and how you can always ensure you are doing practising it. It is part of our service as well as making sure you have a thrilling time, we want to make sure it is always as fun as possible and in only by playing in moderation is this possible. Therefore, when you use our site our site all you’ll ever find is useful information to better your gaming, an on that note, we leave it up to you now to make the most what our site offers.

We are a small team of friends that just love playing slot machines, both online and in the real casinos close to us.We created iSlots.org as we would like to give our views and opinions about the huge selection of online slots now available to players. We aim to review and offer free play options for all the big games from NetEnt, RTG, Novomatic and a few others of the main slot providers.

An important part of this site is the chance to try all of the slots for free, without any need of download and of course no need to deposit money. Within our slot reviews we have put up embedded free play versions of the games.

We are also giving some tips regarding our best choice of online casinos, mobile casinos, loyalty program and a lot of other related subjects. We review all casino sites solely on the aspects that will be important to players, this can be deposit and withdrawal options, security and of course bonuses and promotions. We will from time to time offer exclusive promotions for our visitors.

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All personal information that is collected will remain completely confidential. If asked to give out any information, it will solely be used for a newsletter or for us to send information about promotions or news regarding our listed casino sites. Any information shared with us will never be shared with a 3rd party. We truly understand the importance of privacy for all casino players on the internet.

Responsible Gaming

This is an important part of online gambling. We trust that al of our visitors are of the legal age to gamble online. We do not support gambling addiction or any underage gambling. We recommend any player to contact the below organisations, in the case of any problems related to gambling. We take no responsibility for player losses or other actions by the players at the casinos we promote.

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