Slots Loyalty Programs

If you’ve ever played in a land-based casino or joined an online gaming venue, you’ve no doubt come across something like a loyalty program. Casinos, land-based and online, provide this type of offer to encourage player “loyalty,” which is casino management shorthand for “they pay us tons of cash.”

Loyalty point programs are most common for slot players, who simply slide their rewards card when they start a new game and accrue points based on their wagers. Other games in the casino can be used to accrue points, particularly video poker and other electronic games, but it is most common to see loyalty points awarded to slots players.

Now that we’re in the thick of the Internet slot boom, it’s common to see VIP programs and other loyalty offers at online casinos. Players can choose to opt in to the program or not, just like in land-based casinos.

What are Loyalty Points?

The whole idea behind the system is two-fold. Players can earn rewards (usually in the form of free betting cash) and operators earn those player’s “loyalty.”

Handing out these types of points gives the casino the chance to reward you for putting money in their pocket – and if you think about it, you’ve no doubt earned a reward with all your reel spins and slot sessions.

The idea is simple – once players accrue a certain amount of points, they’re offered the ability to turn them in for something valuable, in large units. An example might be 1,000 loyalty points for $10 in free bets.

The idea is to encourage you to play more, so the more you play, the more rewards you can earn. Take note that every gaming site handles this process differently, and terms and conditions apply, so read the fine print before you start any particular loyalty program.

What are VIP Clubs?

VIP clubs are just another name for a fancy form of loyalty point system.

Often, online casinos use the tag “VIP” to refer to big spenders or “whales.” Again, specifics vary by casino, but generally, VIP Clubs hand out better rewards but require more stringent terms and conditions.

VIP-style programs are notorious for excluding certain games from accruing rewards – unfortunately, these are usually the games that give the player the best odds against the house. Again, this is a reason why reading all terms and conditions before pursuing any kind of bonus is a good idea.

What Other Types of Loyalty Programs Can I Join?

Some loyalty programs are automatic and tally rewards points without any interaction from the player. These are ideal if you don’t want to spend any brain power considering your rewards or chasing a big rewards total.
Other programs have access requirements – goals a player has to meet in order to be eligible for the loyalty point system. The criteria required vary from site to site, but once a player meets these criteria, they’re able to access what are generally better rewards at less-expensive exchange rates.

Another popular loyalty program involves invitations – these loyalty points systems are for invitees only, and are usually managed by members of casino staff who track player loyalty and make special offers. Information about these clubs is hard to come by – check out player forums and ask customer representatives at the casinos where you play for more information on this type of special-access loyalty program.

Loyalty Point System Examples

Here are three examples of loyalty systems currently in place at some of my favorite online gaming venues. These deals were current at the time of this writing; it’s important to do your own research before selecting a VIP program to take part in.

Loyalty Points at Energy Casino

The loyalty system at Energy Casino takes the form of a VIP Club. VIP Club members can exchange Frequent Player Points (FPPs) for betting cash or for merchandise in the EnergyShop. Take note that table games (most of the games that favor the player) only count 1% toward accruing the FPPs necessary to become a VIP member. The VIP Club page at Energy Casino indicates that casino staff can occasionally increase how fast a player’s FPPs accrue based on their loyalty, so whales looking for big bonus offers might want to check out the Energy Casino loyalty system.

Bet365’s Loyalty Program

Bet365 refers to their loyalty system as a “scheme,” which has a rather negative connotation in English. Their VIP Scheme has three tiers based on player loyalty, and allow bettors to exchange points for cash, gifts, and other goodies. The specifics of each tier are available by contacting Bet365 promotions’ staff. Bet365 is pretty secretive about their loyalty points system, but that’s fairly common among major players in the industry.

Guts Casino Loyalty Points

Guts offers a fairly standard Loyalty Points plan – the site lays out what games are worth what points, and it lets players know way ahead of time that these points aren’t redeemable for cash. Instead, players exchange loyalty points for free betting cash in chunks of $10. The terms and conditions are easy to understand and look decent compared to others in the industry – I can imagine earning a quick $20 or so in a few months of my standard slots play. It’s also nice to see a casino spell out exactly what their loyalty exchange rate is.

Loyalty programs are nothing more than marketing tools. But if you’re a smart gambler, you can earn some free stuff by taking advantage of casino’s need for what they laughingly refer to as loyalty. As long as you make sure you understand the terms behind every deal you sign up for, there’s nothing at all wrong with taking advantage of loyalty systems. Good luck!