Play Slots on Mobile and Tablet

The mobile market is expanding – that’s obvious to anyone who goes out to eat and sees every third person glued to a smartphone or tablet. Gambling makes an ideal fit with smartphone and tablet play, since the interfaces used for land-based and online gambling are very similar.

Industry experts all say that mobile casino gambling is the fastest-growing segment of the business. It’s time to become familiar with slot games via mobile. Here’s a quick guide I put together to help anyone new to this segment of the gambling market.

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Smartphone Slots Gaming

Two dominant smartphone operating systems exist – iOS by Apple and Android, developed by Google. Other formats exist – major names include Windows Phones and Blackberry – but between iOS and Android you’ve got most of the mobile market covered.
What’s the appeal of playing slots on a smartphone? To anyone who – like me – has a boring commute twice a day, a little bit of inexpensive and mindless fun is a lovely thing. It doesn’t hurt that I occasionally win a little money playing these games. But it’s not always about convenience – I know people who simply don’t use traditional laptops or computers anymore, and for them mobile gambling is just their form of real-money betting. They do everything else on the go, so why not play real money slots, too?

Smartphone slots gaming means playing slots on a mobile-capable phone. For most people, that means an iPhone or an Android phone. Let’s take a look at playing slots on both devices, one at a time.

Android Smartphone Slots

Android has a larger user base than Apple, though iPhone users spend more money on apps. It’s a funny market. Because more software developers are working on Android products, one benefit of using an Android-powered device to play real-money slots is a larger number of games and casinos available. Even though Android users tend to spend less than iPhone users, there are more of them, and software follows the numbers.

Another benefit for Android-based slot play is that Android itself is open-source, unlike iOS which is rigidly protected and controlled. Because Android OS is friendly to all sorts of external apps and functions, real cash slots are available as instant games on mobile casino sites or as part of downloadable apps to provide casino style play.

iOS Smartphone Slot Machine Games

It’s funny that we’re talking about the legality of slots gaming on Apple devices, since until recently those kinds of games were banned outright by Apple’s front office. The addition of a geolocation feature to iPhones gives Apple developers the right to restrict certain countries from accessing illegal apps. Since gambling apps are illegal in some markets and not in others, Apple is able to give some customers (those who have the legal right) permission to play slots for money, and restrict that permission from others who don’t.

The end result is an Apple market that allows for real-money slots play, and does a damn good job of it. iPhone displays are among the best-looking in the industry, and with the release of the massive iPhone 6+ screen, you may as well be playing your slot of choice on a tablet.

Of course, if you live in one of the areas where Apple restricts this kind of gambling, you’re out of luck. That’s a big downside to using Apple smartphone to play slots. You may only be able to play for “play money,” if even that.

Recent developments with Facebook are indicators that the popular social media service may soon offer its own versions of games of chance and skill that could skirt Apple’s existing restrictions. But details on this are murky at best. For now, appreciate Apple if you’re a slots player in an area where real money slots are legal. If you’re an America, be patient. Apple has a way of changing global trends.

Tablet-Based Slots Gaming

Essentially, tablets are giant smartphones without a native ability to place a phone call. Pretty much everything that applies above applies to tablet-based real money slots play.

At present, surprise-surprise, the most used tablet devices are either Apple’s iPad line or a tablet built on the ever-popular and open-source Android OS. Just like with mobile phones, these two companies dominate this market to a large extent.

Popular Mobile Slots Games

Stash of the Titans is an example of a popular Android-based slot game that’s available for real-money play at Android-capable casinos and apps all over the world. Another popular Android-based title is Treasure Nile, a game that has a set number of paylines (nine) and a large progressive jackpot network. Major Millions is perhaps the simplest Android slot, with just one payline and three reels, no bonuses or special symbols, it hearkens back to the classic one-armed bandits of the American frontier.

NetEnt is nowadays one of most popular providers for mobile games with slots such as Steamtower, Starburst and Victorious.

It’s obvious to anyone who does any research into the industry that smartphone, tablet, and any other form of mobile gaming will continue to be a more important piece of the gaming market. In my opinion, mobile gaming may eventually overtake traditional play altogether. If you are interested in the next wave of online slots play for cash, look into the smartphone and tablet segment. Fans of both Android devices and Apple’s iPhones have access to tablet and smartphone gaming like never before – and it’s only going to get more interesting in the future.