Triple Twister

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Triple Twister is an RTG-designed slot, but not part of the much-maligned Real Series. Instead, RTG classifies Triple Twister as a “video slot,” and the game does include a couple of animated clips that make the gameplay livelier. But the spinning tornado isn’t the only cool feature of this game.

Triple Twister is a fixed-payline game, meaning players only select their wager-per-line and all lines are activated on every spin. On some level, this means it’s not really a budget game. The lowest available bet is $0.50 per spin, which is fifty times more expensive than the standard low-end RTG slot bet. Triple Twister isn’t exactly a high-roller slot, but it may be of the reach of some players.

What do you get for the slightly-larger investment the game requires? The game includes a couple of bonus features, though no true bonus game. The game’s scatter symbol is a twisting weather vane – three or more weather vanes anywhere on the reels leads to a series of nine free spins, which can be retriggered. The game has an expanding wild symbol, the twister from the title’s name that appears only on the third reel but expands to make the entire reel wild when it appears.

Don’t overlook the two random jackpots available. There is a “major” and a “minor” progressive jackpot, each of which are triggered randomly.

Triple Twister

  • Software:
  • Type:
    Video Slot
  • Reels:
  • Paylines:
  • Coins Range:
    $0.50 to $250
  • Jackpot:
  • Bonus Round:
  • Free Spins/Multiplier Better:

One of the best-known features of a tornado is, of course, its speed, and I want to make a special point of discussing how quickly this particular RTG video slot moves. The reels spin remarkably fast, and if the player has an itchy trigger finger, they can see a ton of outcomes per hour.

I was averaging 75 spins per minute at what I considered a normal pace, which means I’d be seeing something like 4,500 outcomes per hour, which is way above my bankroll size. Of course, you can move at your own pace and drop that number considerably. But even playing at what I considered half-time, I averaged 30 spins per minute, or 1,800 per hour. Be careful with the speed of Triple Twister.

When playing with your hard-earned cash on a mobile- or Web-based casino, let’s consider some various features. In particular, we’ll look at the available stakes and theoretical payout percentage to gain an understanding of how much this game really costs a person to play.

Available Stakes

The wagers available are as follows: $0.50, $1, $2, $2.50, $3, $3.50, $4, $4.50, $5, $12.50, $25, $50, $125, $250. Remember that this is a fixed fifty-payline game, so bettors can only select from the above denominations to determine their total outlay-per-spin.

When you consider that this slot can be played at a rate of thousands of outcomes per hour, a fifty-cent minimum wager doesn’t seem so small. At 1,000 outcomes per hour, $0.50 per spin means an outlay of $500. The maximum wager is a staggering $250 per spin. I don’t even like to think about this, but a player spinning the reels at that same 1,000 outcome-per-hour rate could spend a million dollars in just four hours of play. Yikes.

Payout Percentage

Theoretical payout percentages are one of the most useful tools in any online gambler’s toolkit. When released by a game’s designer, they allow those of us with smallish bankrolls to make wise choices about what game to play in order to get the most entertainment for our budget. A game with a 90% payout percentage is clearly going to cost me more than a game with a 96% payout, even though those are purely theoretical numbers. They still indicate something about my potential profits.

With Realtime Gaming, payout percentages aren’t exactly a known commodity. Not many game designers make this kind of information publicly available – there’s no requirement to do so that I’m aware of – but when they do I really appreciate it. Instead, I had to search the Internet for anything I could find that would hint at this game’s theoretical payout. No such luck.

Let’s pretend that the percentage is something like 98%, which wouldn’t be out of line for a fixed-payline video slot game by RTG. That means that at 1,000 outcomes per hour, the $500 I spend would only (theoretically) be reduced by $10. Spending $10 for an hour of entertainment isn’t that bad of a deal, when you consider the cost of other entertainments. And, of course, those payout percentages are thrown out the window in the case of a jackpot larger than the expected loss, which is more likely in the more-expensive titles RTG produces.

Please note that I didn’t get that 98% figure from a reliable source, and am instead using an educated guess to give you an idea of how volatile this title is. The answer is refreshing – it’s not very volatile, especially for a somewhat costly online slot game.

Bonus Games

There are no traditional bonus games, though the special features described in the introduction give the game a lot of replay value and make it a bit more lucrative, particularly the expanding wild tornado symbol. Either one of the progressive jackpots would be a decent win, too – at the time of my review, the “Major” award was at $2,000, while the minor award was around $600.

Mobile Version

RTG video slots don’t translate to the mobile format as easily as their simpler Real Series games. In fact, I had trouble finding this particular title at mobile apps and sites. Suffice it to say that Triple Twister isn’t a common mobile game on RTG platforms, though it is available, usually through download-only apps and not just mobile-oriented casinos. The game’s performance via download is similar to its performance in its traditional Web-based format.


This is one of a handful of RTG video slots that I really enjoy. The expanding wild seems to pop up more often than any other expanding wild I’ve ever seen. The many options for free spins, multipliers, and other special features is also nice, though I’m not big on games with a minimum wager of $0.50 per spin. Watch your spin rate and your bankroll; otherwise, Triple Twister is an above average online slot.

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